TechFire is a series of management briefings for IT professionals. If your marketing mix calls for the engagement of ‘Tier 1’ IT professionals in a peer group setting, talk to our team about making TechFire work for you.

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Engaging IT professionals in a peer-to-peer setting

TechFire briefings consistently attract high level IT buyers and influencers, based on their trust in technology media brands which have been serving the IT industry for more than 35 years.

TechFire briefings are presented in an interactive format with the moderator encouraging two-way communication in the room between the speakers and attendees. Powerpoint presentations are limited to ten minutes each; the emphasis is on Q&A, discussion and information sharing.

End-user experience is a key focus at TechFire meetings. While the cost of these free-to-attend sessions is supported by IT vendors, the emphasis is placed on client implementations of the sponsor’s product.

The panel discussion, conducted in interview style by the moderator, opens the meeting up to the floor: ensuring a two-way flow of information.

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