The Mediateam Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Mediateam is committed to making real progress in diversity and inclusion. The company
recognises the importance of clearly stating that all employees recognise Women, LGBTQ+,
ethnic minorities and those with disabilities as equal. This recognition extends to our own
colleagues, those who work for our suppliers and our customers and the wider communities
that we interact with or comment on.

This statement is built on the following principles for an inclusive workplace:

• Everyone should feel they belong
• Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive
• We should all treat others fairly and inclusively
• Discrimination and bias should be challenged
• Inclusion is at the heart of great leadership
• Organisations should be courageous in challenging the status quo

Mediateam is participating in the collective journey to greater inclusion across the whole of
our business community.

Within Mediateam our commentary and outlook is influenced by a cognisance of the
importance of D&I.

The Board and senior management actively champion D&I.

Commitment to D&I is clearly demonstrated internally and externally
All employees are accountable for D&I and diversity is core to decision making processes.
The organisation places people above profit.

• This statement has been signed by all members of the Board
• The Board/senior management has demonstrated its resolution to implement and be
accountable for a D&I Strategy.
As a small company with a combined total of 15 employees, including all directors the
company is committed to having is a D&I Strategy in place that is actively monitored by the
Board/senior management.
• A positive attitude towards flexible working is part of the culture – not just a policy for a few
• Internal and external communications show clear commitment to diversity and inclusion.
• HR processes and procedures ensure there are no barriers to inclusion and encourage
greater diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the employee life cycle.
• The Board will ask the difficult questions and constructively consider progressive solutions,
e.g., positive action to achieve equity, challenging senior colleagues or clients who do not
demonstrate inclusive behaviours
• All employees feel comfortable to admit and learn when their actions or behaviours do not
support an inclusive culture. There is visibility of corrective action when it is required,
especially at the top of the business.
• A feedback culture, based on trust and respect, exists and employees are accountable to
each other.

Mediateam will ask all of its suppliers to submit their own D&I charter or statement to
encourage engagement on D&I within those organisations